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Soden Bowl


This league is rather simple, play like it’s real football. This is not a open room match, these games are treated like the real thing. That means watch your play selection and mix it up. The games last 45 minutes to an hour, that means you can almost empty your playbook. Let’s keep it simple, if it’s questionable, don’t do it. It is the owners responsibility to schedule games or to play CPU or AP games if another owner does not respond to your PMs show proof of PMs to a staff member no later than 1 hour before advance. If a owner is unresponsive he or she will be set to auto and you must play the CPU, if you fail to play the CPU your game will be simulated, unresponsive owners will be removed from the league after 3 or more games of  not playing unless  they have staffs approval to be on auto. If two teams have a scheduled day/time to play and they miss that game, the team who missed the scheduled game could be awarded a dictated loss and a league warning.

In Game Rules

  • Manually moving multiple players pre snap on defense, if you move a player manually (non shift), you must control him until the snap of the ball. You may not move that player into another player to create a Nano style blitz.
  • Stat padding is not allowed, if you can QB kneel to end the game do it. Expanded: use substitutes, if a player is being used too often in a blow out win and you continue to feed them the ball in an attempt to pad the stats, that player/owner will be subject to league punishment.
  • On offense, if you decide to roll with the QB, then make sure it’s because of pressure or a designed Play Action. If you over use this, it get’s to be border line breaking the rules.
  • On offense, if you run with the QB, make sure it’s because no one is open, pressure or a designed run. No one likes that player who calls passes and instantly takes off with the QB.
  • Of course quitting is not allowed, restarting verse the CPU is also not allowed, unless you have proof that you were tied or winning the game. You must have approval to restart the game.
  • If a user quits a game and will not replay, you may request a dictated win. If the user or team is set to auto or CPU then you must play the CPU.
  • Mix up your plays, just because the Power O (example) is found in every set, it is not considered mixing up your plays if that’s all you run.
  • Play fair, don’t act like a fool in the chat or the game. If you have an issue with a player, let a staff member know in private if you can not work it out with that player.
  • Use of the hurry up may only be used under 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. If you are trailing by 9 or more points at the start of the 4th quarter or if you are trailing by 9 points at any point during the 4th quarter you are allowed to use the hurry up offense. If you trail by 8 points or less then you can only use the hurry up offense with under 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Example (Rams 16 Jets 6 start of the 4th quarter. Jets can use hurry up offense until the lead is less than 9 points. If the Jets score a touchdown to make it 16-13 then they cannot use the hurry up until under 4 minutes to go.)
  • Shaking your defense is not allowed, that is defined as shifting them left and right, pre snap, until the snap of the football. This is a glitch in the game and can allow a Nano style blitz. You may shift but not non stop.
  • Line drive punts unless kicked out of bounds are not allowed. If you kick a line drive and the returner fumbles the catch, you must return the other team with the football should you recover the fumble.
  • Super Simming at any point of a game verse the CPU is not allowed unless you are playing in a league as just a Player and not a Coach or Owner.
  • 4th Down rule: You may not attempt a 4 down conversion if you are winning the game, this includes fake punts, fake field goals.
  • Defensive Line play: You can not drop a defensive lineman into coverage unless the original defensive play art dictates a DL drop back. DL can travel with in the line of scrimmage to guard RB’s and TE’s screens.

General Management

  • Moving your franchise must be voted on prior by the league.
  • Re-naming your franchise must be voted on prior by the league.
  • TRADE RULES: Players 90 OVR or above may not be traded.
  • No rookies can be traded
  • Free Agents: You may sign only 2 Free Agent players per week, a Free Agent may not be traded for at least 2 advances after his signing, Pre Season does not count. If a team cuts a player to FA that team must wait 2 advances before they can sign him.
  • Practice Squad Players: Practice squad players can be taken, they count as a FA pickup for that week also if you take a practice squad player he must stay on your roster for at least 2 weeks.
  • Editing Positions: WR’s, HB’s may not be moved to TE, WR’s, HB’s may not be moved to TE in the depth chart either. Approved moves are LB’s moving from Left, Right, Middle. Defensive lineman moving from Left, Right, Defensive Tackle. Corners moving from Left to Right. Safeties moving between Free and Strong, and to cornerbacks Left or Right. Offensive lineman may be moved between any of the offensive lineman positions. Cornerbacks moving to Safeties must have a 89 Speed rating or lower, then they can be moved to safety.  Full Backs may be moved to Tight End if the Speed rating is less than 85. Tight Ends can be moved to Full Back, but once moved to Full Back, they can only be moved back to Tight End. HB’s can only be moved to Full Back if the Speed rating is less than 83. Moving linebackers to the defensive line, and defensive line to linebackers must be approved by staff. Same with any other move.
  • Roster edits Jersey numbers of new players signed, traded for, or drafted can be made. You may not edit players numbers in an attempt to hide who they are. Example: Tom Brady on the Patriots may not edit his jersey number. If Tom Brady was traded from or released and signed to another team, his number may then be edited. Player names can never be edited. Equipment on players can be edited as long as it’s realistic.


  • Discord is a must and you must stay active on the application. We need to know that our owners have an understanding of league events, schedules, advances ect.

Twitch or Xbox Mixer

All CPU and Playoff games must be broadcast, you must have a Twitch  account or use Xbox Mixer with archive set to on. The league will provide a page with all 32 owners twitch feed built into the page so any active games can be viewed. Each team is encouraged to discuss who will broadcast the game PRIOR to the game being played. If no agreement can be made, the AWAY team must broadcast the game. Each team should enable the link on Twitch to Archive videos, this way if a Support issue happens, you have the entire game recorded as proof. Archive must be enabled on your Twitch account so CPU games can be reviewed. If you do not follow this rule both broadcasting and archiving you will be gone.

Coach League’s Only

  • You may not any point of the game control a player, you simply snap the football and watch the play unfold.
  • Audibles, hot routes, defensive adjustments are not allowed.
  • You will manually kick, but you may not manually return kicks or manually control a fake kick.
  • All games will be broadcast and saved via VODS on Mixer.
  • All games will use only the Broadcast View on Offense and Defense.

Before every game you must perform the following steps to play a Coach League game:

  1. Load Madden 18
  2. Customize > Settings
  3. Settings > Visual Feedback
  4. Visual Feedback > Camera Toggle “Off”, Offense and Defense Camera Settings: “Broadcast”
  5. Game Options > Scroll down to Coach Mode and turn it “On”
  6. Back out of Customize and load your league game.