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Soden Bowl



Welcome to Soden Bowl on the Xbox One. Use this section to help you understand the more difficult things we do here.


Twitch: Twitch is a staple of the Soden Bowl Leagues, it ensures that users follow the rules, allows owners to scout other owners, and adds more of a “fun factor” to the leagues by allowing users to watch league games.

Enable Archive: Log into Twitch on a PC, MAC or Smart Device. Note: on a Smart device, you must use the website version and not the Twitch App for this step. On the left portion of Twitch, next to your user name, select the Wrench looking Icon. This will bring you to the Settings page, now navigate to “Channel and Videos” – scroll down and check the box for “Automatically archive my broadcasts.” Save Changes at the bottom of the page and you are now done. Link:

Display Twitch Link: To display your twitch link, simply login to your twitch on a PC, MAC, or Smart Device using the web version (not the app). Click Channel in the top right, copy the link in your browser and paste it in the chat. A simpler way to do this is to simply add your Twitch username to this URL in the chat: “ USERNAME HERE

Reduce Twitch Lag: On the Xbox, load any game, then open the Twitch App, select Broadcast, then Settings, scroll down and lower the “Quality” to the Low setting. This will help reduce Twitch lag in the game and for the viewers.


GroupMe App” This app is how we communicate for all the leagues. 

Edit GroupMe UserName: Log into GroupMe, top right click the Soden Bowl Image and/or enter the Soden Bowl Chat then select the image. This will load the Settings Page, now edit your name to TeamName: (Gamertag) and save.