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Defense Wins Championships

The Washington Redskins have the leagues top rated scoring defense, they have allowed a league low 179 points. After reviewing the stats and game tape, there is no one player who seems to stand out on defense for the Skins. What does stand out is the ability of coach T. Barrow (Redskins4Life96) to keep teams out of the end zone.

Let’s not diminish the defensive stats, Washington ranks 2nd in defensive yards allowed (3,115), 5th in passing yards allowed (2,333), and 1st in rushing yards allowed (782).

Washington ranks 3rd in turnover difference (+20), and 3rd in takeaways (41) tied with Dallas, and Kansas City.

The key to a great defense is a offense who does not turn the ball over, Kirk Cousins is completing 67% of his passes for 2,887 yards, 20 TD’s and 12 INT’s in a league dominated by interceptions this season. Matt Jones is a huge part of the offenses success and helps take a lot of pressure off of Cousins and the Skins defense. Jones has rushed for 913 yards, 10 touchdowns.

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